Anni thingy questanator

Also known as the Annihilator Quest.

For starters, I’m not tooting my own horn by posting this thread. But at the request of other people I shall give a first hand report on the quest.

The team consisted of Deary, Chaos Wings, Me =D and Radge-Aha, who was a last minute replacement for the guy whos name I can’t spell (ok in reality we didn’t want the guy to go cause of his rep. The time thing is an excuse.)

Anyway, the mighty warriors headed to the fabled Anni room. There they discussed tactics untill they felt ready to go. Images and more after the jump… Continue reading Anni thingy questanator

Demon Shield lottery

Heres an opportunity for those of you in need of a powerful shield.

Neon Summers Sorcerer is running a lottery for a Demon Shield

The rules are simple. You pick an available number. It costs 3k per ticket with a maximum of 4 tickets to be drawn. You send him the money to his darashia dp.

1st place will win the demon shield
2nd place will win 10k gold
3rd place will win 5k gold.

As of right now there are 8 available tickets to be chosen.

The drawing is on april 30th so you better grab those tickets fast!

A Tibian Blog Network

Since this blog seems to be doing very very well, and Cip emailed me telling me that they dont support fansites that are based on a single server, Ive come up with a pretty good idea. I want to make a network, much like wordpress.com or blogspot.com, so that each server has its own blog. Its not gonna be an easy task, but I know we can pull it off if we work hard.

Ive made a thread on Support Forums at tibia.com to see if ppl from all servers like this idea. Id like you guys to help me put it up there and promote it so this gets done. Heres a link to the thread.

Thanx guys ^^

Radge-Aha’s hunting service

Yes peeps, we have a brand new hunting service in town. Radge-Aha has started a hunting service for us all, nothing out of the ordinary, he will hunt many creatures for you, you get all the loot and provide the supplies. Here is a list of things he will hunt extracted from his thread:

Nargor Pirates.
You tell me what you want me to loot and i will try to maximise the chances of getting that item.
GS Island.
Many Gs and a few quara scouts.
Quara Scout Temple.
Pure Scouts, Nothing else.
Lib Bay Cults Behind Piano
I can hunt 1st floor with pure acolyte and Novice or 2nd floor with Acolyte, adept, 1 elder BH and 1 vampire.
Ramoa Surface
Bonebeasts/DS/Crypt/1x GS
1. Ghouls and mummy only
2. Beholders and bonebeast only.
3. Beholders Bonebeast and Elders only
3. Beholders, Bonebeast, Elder and braindeaths.
4. Beholder and braindeath.
5. Elder and braindeath.
6. Only braindeath
7. Lost soul
8. Option 3,4,5,or 6 + lost soul
Options 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 require 1 bp gfb.
Max for this hunt is 5 bp normal + softs
5x Necro and 2x DS
Necro Quest room
Max for this hunt is 5 bp strong + softs
Requires 2 gfb runes
Many Necro, 3x priestess, 2x vamp, many ds, chance of necropharus.
Vamp Hell
Lots of vamps, a few ds, mummys, stalker, ghosts.
Dragon Lords
I will hunt any single DL spawn i can get or possibly edron 3x, all i ask is that i get any leathers.

Maybe Dans can rest a bit now 😛